Area: ears
Anaesthesia: local, Local with sedation
Operating time: 1.5 hours
Dressing: after 5 days
Healing: in 10 days
Cost: from 2,000 euros


Otoplasty is a plastic surgery operation to correct the imperfections of the ear, i.e. protruding ears, to restore harmony to the face. It directly affects the cartilaginous structures in order to restore the physiological curves that are present in normal ears, leaving an invisible scar in the back of the ear.

Otoplasty can be carried out from the age of eight; it brings the ear closer to the nape, in some cases shaping and changing its form. The patient is given local anaesthesia, at times associated with mild sedation. Hospitalisation is therefore unnecessary and the patient can go home in the evening, although driving a car is not recommended. For younger and/or more fearful children, general anaesthesia is preferred.

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