Area: abdomen, hips, legs, buttocks
Anaesthesia: local; sedation
Operating time: from about 1 to 3 hours
Dressing: after 5-15 days
Healing: in 7 days
Cost: from 1500 euros


Liposuction is an operation in plastic surgery aimed at eliminating fatty deposits and cellulite in order to reshape the legs. It is not therefore a slimming treatment, but an operation localised in a distinct part of the body that is affected by an excessive increase in the volume of fat. In liposuction tiny incisions are made in the skin, then tiny cannulas with a round point are inserted to aspire excess fat. The end result is created by the elimination of 70-80% of the fat in the area and the healing process of the remaining 20-30% of fat that has been traumatised but not eliminated. The definitive results are noticeable after only 2-3 months, when the treated area is completely firmed, also with the aid of specific massages.

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