Area: abdomen, hips, legs, neck
Anaesthesia: local or eventual sedation
Operating time: from about 1 to 2 hours
Dressing: after 5-10-15 days
Healing: in 10 days
Cost: from 1500 euros

Laser lipolysis is a laser-assisted liposculpture treatment designed specifically to remove excess fatty tissue via a selective interaction between the laser beam and adipocytes. The result is the denaturation and rupture of fat cells' membranes and leakage of their fat content, which is then eliminated naturally. At the same time small blood vessels are closed for photocoagulation in order to reduce blood loss. Lastly, working in the surface layers it is possible to carry out internal photostimulation of the dermal collagen, which retracts the cutaneous tissue. The laser light is conveyed through micro-cannulas with a 1 mm diameter.

The high power of the laser's light breaks the fat cells' membranes and causes their content to spill out: this is an oily solution with low viscosity which permits on one hand easy modeling of the body and, on the other hand, its easy removal, also with low pressure micro-cannulas or syringes.

Laserlipolysis can also be associated with traditional liposuction techniques, especially in the case of large volumes. It offers the advantage of reduced skin flaccidity, which is caused by the emptying of the fat cells and greater regularity and homogeneity in the skin's surface.

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