Breast Augmentation

Area: breast
Anaesthesia: local with sedation
Operating time: from 1 to 1.5 hours
Dressing: after 5-10 days
Healing: in 7 days
Cost: from 3500 euros


Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery operation that consists in increasing breast volume and roundness through the insertion of a prosthesis. The prosthesis is introduced through an incision in the armpit if the breast is small but not sagging; in this case the scar is completely invisible. If instead the small breast is also sagging, the prosthesis is introduced through the areola or from the crease under the breast, so that the scar is hidden by the color of the same areola. The results are extremely pleasing. In fact, thanks to the new prostheses available, the breast both looks and feels natural. Every patient's anatomical features are assessed in detail: chest width, breast shape, skin thickness and breast tissue firmness in order to identify the surgical techniques and type of prosthesis that meet the patient's expectations and will also lay the foundation for the most harmonious and natural breast augmentation possible.

Breast augmentations can be carried out at any age and are performed under local anaesthesia with sedation. In addition they do not require a clinic stay of more than a few hours or, at most, until the morning following the operation.

How are you able to even INCLUDE overnight ACCOMMODATION in your high-quality level facility?
This is all possible thanks to an optimisation of costs. More specifically:
- We own the SURGICAL THEATRE, in addition to very advanced technology, therefore we can avoid sustaining rental costs (2,000 euro per intervention) and forcing the patient and surgical team to relocate up to hundreds of kilometers.
- We are located in a multipurpose facility and take advantage of the resulting benefits:
1) Accommodations adjacent to the clinic with an adjoining Study Abroad Centre (Delta Dream CSS)
2) The possibility for the entire surgical team to stay in this accommodation while present for operating sessions, with evident time savings and economies of scale.
There are also objective scientific reasons that provide, in addition to the enormous benefits for the patient, opportunities for further savings, specifically:
- Our Team, in the persons of Prof. Ceccarino and Prof. Cappelletti, respectively Plastic Surgeon and Anaesthetist, is the only team in Italy that operates with the Cold Tumescence method, patented by them. This unique technique allows them to operate without needing General Anaesthesia, with obvious advantages for the patient both during surgery and in the postoperative period.
All of the above lets us confidently claim that our extraordinarily low costs are thanks to a rationalization of costs, which we "like" to pass on to our patients. www.clinicmichelangelo.

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